Fire Mitigation Grants Program

The program will distribute up to $2,137.68 per parcel with a qualifying structure, for the 2015 Program year, to qualified homeowners to conduct approved defensible space vegetation treatments or approved structure hardening activities.

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Program Dates for 2015

The 2015 submittal deadline has passed.

Application Period Start: Jan 2, 2015

Application Period End: Mar 6, 2015

Work Completed: Jul 17, 2015

Receipts Received: Jul 31, 2015

If you are eligible and need an application mailed to you:

  • Call the Grants Office at: 619-722-7512 to request an application.

How-To Determine your eligibility for a grant

  • Use the Apply link at the top of the page.
  • Locate your parcel by the 10 digit parcel number or by clicking on the map.
  • The parcel information will be listed below the map.
  • If the parcel is eligible, there will be a blue "apply" link next to it.

How-To Complete a secure grant application

  • You must use a computer (PC or Mac). You can not complete the application process using a smart phone.
  • You need a scanner to scan documents which require a signature.
  • Before photographs are required of areas where Defensible Space activities will take place. Application has process for photo upload.
  • Before photographs are required of structure hardening retrofit project. Application has process for photo upload.
  • A broadband internet connection is recommended.
  • You must create a login using a valid email address to create an online application.

The grant is available to eligible homeowners located in a focused area near the Sunrise transmission line corridor. The focused area may change from year to year, based on fire conditions determined by the SPFMG. There are three types of Grant funded categories:

Defensible Space

Structure Hardening

Community Protection

To meet state and local fire codes, create a Defensible space up to 100 feet around habitable structures located on a parcel and 10 feet along both sides of roads and driveways, on land you own or control.

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Harden habitable structures to a more ignition resistant standard by retrofitting with approved materials that meet fire code and building permit standards: rooftops, double pane windows, exterior doors, eave boxing, removal/replacement attic vents and/or installation of alternatives, and removal or replacement of wood fencing, decks and patio covers with approved fire-resistant materials.

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Will focus on larger scale defensible space and structure fire prevention projects that benefit a larger population or community. This would include the extension and maintenance of defensible space to enhance firefighting efforts and for structure and community protection.

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Grant Application Process

All submitted applications will be reviewed for eligibility and completeness. Only those applications that are eligible and complete will be considered for approval by the Sunrise Powerlink Fire Mitigation Group (SPFMG).


  • Eligibility is to parcels, within a focused project area. Eligibility map is located on the Apply page of this web site, or call the Grants office for your parcel's eligibility status.
  • To be awarded a Structure Hardening grant through this program based upon the location of your property, compliance with the San Diego County or San Diego City Building Code and Building Permit Requirements must be met.
  • Applications are due March 6, 2015
  • Email is the primary communication for this program for prompt status notifications. (U.S. Mail and phone notifications will be used if an email address is not provided).
  • Completed W-9 must be provided for grant funding consideration.

Grant Process Steps

  • Home owner completes application, on-line at secured website, or by mail. Application due date is March 6, 2015. No late entries accepted.
  • SPFMG reviews completed applications and makes approval for a grant award.
  • Home owner receives email notification for grant approval. Notifications will be made between April 3, 2015 and April 10, 2015.
  • Home owner conducts approved grant activities and eligible expenses occur during the 2015 Grant Program work period January 2 thru July 17, 2015.
  • Grant Program Office reviews completion documents per homeowner application description and reviews receipts and Building Inspection Forms for approved project activities.
  • Administrative inspection of completed projects, Structure Hardening projects are inspected for compliance with Defensible Space Standards.
  • Administrative notification to bank for grant reimbursement of approved project activities.
  • Bank distributes grant reimbursement to applicant address and W-9 information within 45 days.

Contact Us

Contact Us

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Fax: 619.722.1056

Mailing Address

Sunrise Powerlink Grants Program
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About Us

The Sunrise Powerlink Fire Mitigation Group (SPFMG) consists of seven federal, state or local fire agencies and SDG&E. The SPFMG guide a mitigation fund for homeowner grants for the creation of defensible space around homes or, alternatively, for residential structure hardening improvements. The grants are available to eligible homeowners located in a focused area near the Sunrise transmission line corridor. The focused area may change from year to year, based on fire conditions determined by the SPFMG.